Technologies Used In Producing Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the green (black, orange, or gold) part inside your electronic device with all the small cylindrical chips in different colors. Believe it or not, you can find these PCBs in every electrical appliance that you can see around you. They are present in your cell phones, televisions, microwave over, dishwasher and even your smallest flash drive. They range from the biggest to smallest PCBs that you can imagine.

We’d like to tell you something important regarding these boards though – before you can use your electronic device according to its function, those PCBs that make them work undergo many stages. Each stage uses different technologies to produce the PCBs.

Design Technologies

The designing process is the lay outing of the PCB. In this stage, the designing engineer creates the plan for the PCB manufacturing. The plan includes the dimensions and quantity of the PCBs, stencil specifications, the necessary electronic components, the manufacturing procedures and the assembly method.

It is as essential as the other stages, probably the most important phase of the whole process. In this stage, careful and correct planning and designing are very important for quality outcomes of the printed circuit board.

Manufacturing Technologies

PCB AssemblyThe manufacturing process of PCBs is the actual production of the printed circuit boards. This is the stage where the fiberglass materials are stacked together with copper foil materials to form the board. Manufacturing companies use CNC machines to drill holes on the panel boards, pressure machines to compress and create multi-layered boards and etching procedures to establish the electronic circuitry.

Mounting Technologies

After the printed circuit boards are printed with copper plating, the manufacturing team forwards the PCBs to the assembly team. In most manufacturing companies, they outsource assembly services to mount components into the boards while others have their own assembly unit department.

PCB Manufacturing companies use two known mounting technologies today. These mounting technologies are the through-hole (TMT) and surface mount technology (SMT).

Through-Hole Mounting Technology

Through-hole is the oldest, tried-and-tested technology when it comes to mounting electronic components. It is commonly used on electronic devices that require strong bond between the components and the PCB. Usually, these devices are exposed to constant wear and tear and environmental stresses.

Another great example of through-hole technology is the manufacturing of prototypes. Machines used in TMT are easier to change their settings compared to SMT machines. In addition, reworks on defective circuitry are easier since the assembly team can use manual reworks to reestablish the correct connections or correct whatever errors made during the mounting process.

Surface Mount Technology

It is the newest technology in mounting electronic components on the printed circuit boards. In SMT, the PCBs do not have holes on them. Instead, the electronic components are mounted using solder pads. From there, the PCBs with the components temporarily attach to the board are brought to the reflow oven to melt the solder paste and bond the components to the board.

This technology is best in mass production of electronic products. It is also used on electronics that require complex PCBs and to the devices that need more than a single-sided PCB. Examples of these electronic devices are computer hardware and phones.

Types Of PCBs

PCBs can be single sided and double sided. The single sided PCB manufacturing uses one side of the board to mount the components while the double-sided PCBs have electronic components on both sides of the board. Usually, TMT produces single sided while SMT produces both single and double-sided PCBs.

Perhaps, just like many others who we’ve talked to, you might have heard or read on the internet that printed circuit boards may become obsolete. However, this is impossible to happen since people are still using technology and electronics in everyday activities.

If you’d like to know more about these remarkable components (and discover other reasons why they’re here to stay), don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

A PCB is one of the fundamental parts of electronic equipment. The printed circuit boards are one of the most important components in the world of electronics today. Visit us at for more details.

The Types of Web Design Components You May Need For Your Business

No matter what type of business you are going to get into, there are different pieces of marketing collateral that you may have to utilize at one point or another. Alongside that comes the types of web design that you may have to try as you build an audience. No matter what you’re doing to get attention, you will need to evolve over time, and if you’re going to evolve within the traffic generation elements, you might as well get into an evolutionary solution for design as well. If your site isn’t changing from time to time, your updates are going to fall short of their impact. It’s with that in mind that you should look into the different types of web elements that you should try for your business moving forward.

Shopping Cart Options

web designsIn order to sell something online, you will need to have a shopping cart installed on your server. There are a lot of different options that you can traverse in this arena. There are standalone options and there are custom solutions that you can have built. No matter how you work with shopping cart solutions, you should look at implementing them seamlessly within your page. It’s easy to set up the wrong type of thing, and it can be easy to end up with a solution that is not going to pay off dividends overall. When you visit an ecommerce solution you will see this in place. Shopping has evolved in a lot of ways online, and you’re going to find that the cart that you’re going to need to customize is something that can be more than just colors. Look at trying this out if you want to sell something online, or you could end up having to pay premiums for every transaction that you have go through your site.

Blogging Software

Another thing that you want to look at is blogging. Blogging software is a good thing, and it can help you transform a static page into a dynamic one. You shouldn’t just open and install one of these elements online, you will want to customize everything to fit the theme of your page. It’s easy to install one of these, and then look for a free template, but you don’t want to have a solution that is going to end up causing you a great deal of detriment. Not only that, you don’t want your business solution to look like others or to stand out from your existing web design. You want to make sure that you hire someone to build you a custom template or a solution that is going to fit into the existing design elements of your page. This is a component that is going to help you down the line, as you can update your page with easier elements in place if you have this installed and utilized within the right parameters.

Image Galleries

When dealing with images, you should look at hosting them with different types of galleries. You could have a lot of different elements in place to have these work for you. Image galleries are not something that you want to miss out on, especially if you’re an artist and you want to showcase all your work within the confines of your website. Blog software can help you here, but you want to have a standalone gallery solution that will bring to life your images and create a standalone option for just that. Image galleries come in a lot of design elements and you can make them very simple or very complex, depending on how you want to deliver these.

Video Players

One of the growing elements of web design is in regards to housing videos. You could embed video from sites like YouTube but that’s not going to give you customizable controls or anything. If you want to really shine with your business, find a good designer that can help you get a customized video player so that people can share, embed, and focus on watching your updates through a very specific screen. Video marketing lends itself well here, especially if you have a custom player. You could also ensure that pirating is cut to a minimum, which is a good thing overall. You’ll find that if you don’t work within this type of design, you will be subject to a lot of issues online, including theft, and even duplicate content across the board.

The above elements of web design that you should consider are just some of the many components that you need to look into as you set up a business site. Whether you’re going to update it often or you’re going to update things somewhat informally and loosely, you shouldn’t rely on cheap design elements. These are all going to help you in different ways, and definitely worth looking into as a whole. It’s imperative that you try different things and focus on diversifying your content relationship with individuals that you’re trying to gain leverage with. An audience that is well entertained will come back, but if you’re stagnant in your publishing and design evolution, you’ll end up losing market share over time.

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Challenge Coins and Their Prominence

The “secret handshake” is an important military tradition that shows a politician, a commanding officer, or the president of a nation pass on a distinct medallion also known as the challenge coins to a military member or a Marine worthy of recognition.

Challenge CoinsThe exchange between the person awarding the coin and the awardee can be hardly noticed during a ceremony. However, this secret exchange is a privilege to the person receiving the medallion because that is an accomplishment or a sanction to his duty. Special challenge coins are symbols of acceptance to the noteworthy club because they symbolize a person’s admirable work ethic. Receiving a medallion from His Excellency is like winning the lottery after a lifetime of bargains. It definitely boosts a person’s self-respect and drives him to serve more willingly to his country.

Recently, President Barack Obama was pictured secretly tucking a tiny medallion into the palm of a military member. The same moment happened two weeks ago when the president gave a commander the medallion minutes after he touched down at the Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas. A publication photographer on-location captured the special moment between His Excellency and the commander of the 19th Airlift Wing.

It’s a prestige for photographers to snap moments like this while they are happening because these are the kinds of portraits that will go down in history. A rare photograph of this exchange is also equivalent to an extra pay check to the photographer. The challenge for the photographers is to capture the challenge coins mid-air before they are discreetly passed on to the people receiving the merit.

The first President to present a challenge coin is President Bill Clinton. Clinton also has a collection of different challenge coins given to him by the U.S. service members which are now showcased at the Clinton Library. After President Clinton, President Bush and President Obama followed suit in having their own challenge coin. During his 2007 visit to Al-Asad Airbase in Iraq, a Marine combat patrol unit handed President George W. Bush a challenge coin.

There are different kinds of presidential coins that can be acquired through online shops or in gift shops.

Some of these presidential coins are the ones handed out for inauguration, a commemorative coin for his governance, and the tokens which are available to the public. The most coveted Presidential coins are obviously the challenge coins which are only awarded to military members, select dignitaries, family members, and other important individuals who have performed great service to the nation.

The President gives out a challenge coin in his own consideration. They usually reserve these discreet ceremonies for special events, military personnel or other important dignitaries. There have been talks that during former President George W. Bush’s administration, he handed out coins to injured soldiers who came back from war in the Middle East.

President Barack Obama is known for often distributing challenge coins to the soldiers who man the post on Air Force One. He also honored the death of the brave soldiers killed in the 2009 Fort Hood shooting in Texas by putting challenge coins on their memorials.

Most officials from different organizations including staff of the White House and the president’s personal attendant have their own coins now. The coin trend even extends to non-military institutions now giving ordinary civilians a chance to receive a merit badge. The globalization of challenge coins might just mean as a vanity or exclusivity to the brand giving out the badge. is also have the great collection of coins.Nevertheless, the prominence of these medallions being given out by legitimate organizations continues to strengthen the character of the person who is worthy of receiving it.

Should You Buy a Pool Home?

Scorching beams of the midday sun often have homebuyers daydreaming about getting houses equipped with pools. Conscientious homebuyers, however, are curious as to whether or not a pool will increase or diminish a house’s value and whether or they actually need it. Unlike oceans, pools require maintenance, and in some states could only be enjoyed for a quarter of each year. If you’re wondering whether or not you should get a pool home, we’ve gathered information from our satisfied homebuyers about their reasons for either picking or avoiding pool homes.

Top reasons why people want pools in their homes

It gives everyone a chance to be fit

Swimming is quite a unique form of exercise; a lot of people swim for hours without getting too tired or too bored. Swimming is self-paced, so beginners could waddle clumsily along the water’s surface in a lap or two while advanced swimmers could rip through the water’s surface in a couple of laps. Unlike workout machines or courts, swimming pools can be used by anyone who wants to stay in shape while washing away the stress of the world.

It’s a great way to cool off

real estateWhile air-conditioning provides an almost instant relief from the summer heat, playing around in a pool is a much more fun and enjoyable way to cool off. Being able to enjoy the sun’s beams without getting a heatstroke is definitely a good reason to get a pool home.

Everyone likes pools

The smell of grilled barbeques wafts through the air as friends hang out by the pool. Pools can become the center of a social event quite easily, as most people have various ways to enjoy them, like playing volleyball with inflatable beach balls, playing water tag, racing remote controlled boats, etc. Especially in the blazing summer heat, a lot of people prefer the refuge of an artificial sea to the confines of an air-conditioned room.

It looks awesome

Backyards always look better with a pool. When your dining room, living room, bedroom, etc. has a good view of the pool, a soothing atmosphere seems to resonate throughout the entire house. It’s calming and relaxing, almost like staying in a beachside home.

Top reasons why people don’t want pools in their homes

It’s expensive to have installed

Having pools put in homes costs at least $30,000. Note, however, that this is probably the bare minimum cost and if you want pools equipped with certain safety features you may be looking at a hundred thousand dollars – almost as expensive as a small home! If you don’t need a pool just yet, you could look for homes with spacious backyards that will allow for a future installation of pools.

It’s expensive to maintain

Pools are not buy-and-forget types of assets. One has to take a considerable amount of time and effort to make sure that the pool is safe to swim in. Hygiene aside, even the most advanced swimmers accidentally ingest pool water from time to time.

Here is maintenance tasks usually required for pools :

1. Adjusting the levels of chlorine in the pool 

Chlorine kills bacteria, but too much of it is harmful so you can’t just keep adding chlorine haphazardly.

2. Changing the water in the pool

There are lots of things you can’t remove with a net, and lots of things you can’t kill using chlorine. When pool water becomes too dirty, a complete drain and refill may be necessary. Of course, this means a sudden spike in your water bill. In states experiencing drought, this is also not a viable option.

3. Restoration and Resurfacing

Pools are also subject to wear-and-tear. After a few years, the stains and cracks on the bottom take its toll on the pool. If time had been rather kind to the pool, a recoating could do the trick. Otherwise, you’re looking at replacing all of the tiles of the pool, almost like rebuilding a new one.

4. Insurance 

Technically not a maintenance task, but oftentimes houses with pools have higher insurance costs.

It could be risky to have

Families with small children may want to consider having a protective screening installed around the pool to prevent the curious ones from going into the pool without supervision.


The decision on whether or not you should get a home with a pool is entirely dependent on your budget, place of interest, and reasons in wanting a pool. Some states value houses with pools less than houses without pools. Our real estate agents could definitely help you find pool homes within your budget and place of interest. The reasons in wanting a pool, however, will have to come from you. We have an expansive list of homes with or without pools.

We’ve seen people regret buying homes that don’t even allow for future installations of a pool, so try keeping that in mind. On the other hand, we don’t often hear people complaining about investing in a pool home. As long as a decision to have one is well thought of and not a rash, dopamine-surged one, you’re most likely going to love having a pool in your home, even if it means having to save for a bigger down payment and mortgage. Whether you choose to invest on a house that has a pool or not, we’d be happy to assist you.

Different Advantage and Disadvantages of ID Lanyards

Identification cards or ID’s are important, especially when you are a part of an institution or an organization. Office workers need to have ID’s in order to readily identify themselves as part of a company. Students have ID’s not only to represent their schools, but also to give them a pass to libraries or school facilities. ID’s are also important when you want to claim certain benefits on different institutions in the government.

Now that we have established the significance of ID’s, where you place it or store it is important as well. ID lanyards are usually in tandem with ID cards; letting people see your IDs while it hangs around your neck. ID lanyards are great, but it also has their disadvantages.

Here are the advantage and disadvantages of ID Lanyards are given as follows :

One of the advantages of putting your ID in a lanyard is that it can easily be seen. When in the office, some companies require you to wear your ID all the time and same goes with schools. You can easily access your ID when it doubles as a security pass on rooms that are strictly for employees only or rooms that can only be accessed by authorized people. ID lanyards are also helpful when you are in a seminar with people you do not know and you need to be identified without saying your name repeatedly to everyone. Overall, using an ID lanyard is good when you need to be easily recognized and constantly needs to be kept close to you.

ID LanyardsAnother distinct advantage of using a lanyard is the fact that it can easily be stored and seen. Hanging your ID lanyard on a hook will make it easier to spot and grab when you are in a hurry. When placing it inside your bag and you need to bring it out, you can easily yank the strap without the need to go through the contents of your bag. You can also wrap it around your bag if you do not wish to hang it around your neck. It likewise doubles as a bag tag if ever you need one.

Some ID’s are not compatible to be used with a lanyard like the driver’s license. Driver’s license or other government based ID’s are usually kept in the wallet or a cardholder since they contain personal information and you don’t often need to show them. Privilege cards and/or credit/debit cards are usually kept in a different ID holder and in no way you risk displaying them around your neck all the time for privacy reasons.

Although using a lanyard enables you to keep your possessions near, you still need to be cautious and alert since lanyards can easily be yanked away and may injure you when people try to grab at your possessions like cell phones. Also, make sure to secure your gadgets by hooking your lanyard on the belt strap of your pants if you plan on putting it in your pocket. It is not advisable to use lanyards when you are constantly operating machines at work or at home. Even though some lanyards have straps to adjust the length of the lace, it can be a hazard since it can be easily be fed through the machine without paying close attention. It can also pose as a distraction as it dangles in front of your body.

To summarize, ID lanyards are the best when you constantly need your ID’s displayed and belong to a part of a group. Yet, it is not advisable to use ID lanyards when you are constantly operating machines. It is also recommended that you use a card holder for ID’s containing personal information.

Golf Equipment: Come to the Game Well-prepared

Every golfer, even non-golfers, know at least two pieces of golf equipment, the golf ball and the golf club. There are however a lot more golf equipment that a typical golfer needs in order to ensure that they are well prepared for a game.

The Golf Bag

golf bagThis is where the golf clubs, and other golf equipment, are put in. These are usually made of nylon, canvas, or leather, and have several pockets at the side. There are generally four types of golf bags, depending on the purpose of the owner.

The most common golf bag is the caddy bags. These are lightweight bags made to be carried around the course while playing. There are two kinds of caddy bags. The first is the Sunday bags or the minimalist carry bags. These could be folded for storage when empty but lack more advanced features like insulated pockets or stand legs.

There are also bags called cart bags that are specifically designed to be attached to a two-wheeled pull cart or to a golf cart. These have more storage pockets and are made of more durable materials than the caddy bags.

The largest type of golf bag is the staff bag. These are customarily seen carrier by the staff or caddy of a professional or high level golf player. This bag has a larger storage area and has more features.

A Pair of Golf Shoes

A golf player cannot just play wearing everyday leather shoes, or even running shoes. He has to wear shoes precisely made for golf, shoes that have soft spikes at the soles. The shoes have spikes to help increase traction and prevent the player from losing his balance during the swings.


A tee is a spike, made from either wood or plastic, which has a small cup on the head to hold the ball. This golf equipment is used for an easier shot and only for the first drive for each hole. The length of the tees depends on the club the player is going to use.

Ball markers

Golf absolutely prohibits a player from picking up the ball and moving it. there are, nonetheless, situations where the player can pick up the ball such as when it is in the way of an opponent’s putting line. In this case, the player should first mark the exact spot where the ball lies before picking it up the mark used is called a ball marker. This could be any round, flat, distinguishable, and unique object made of plastic or metal.

Club head covers

When all the clubs are placed in the golf bag, collision from each other cannot be avoided because of the limited space. These could cause scratches, abrasion, and damage to the clubs. In order to prevent that from happening, a player could put club head covers on the clubs. This golf equipment also protects the clubs against the weather and other possible damages while in the golf bag.

The Golf Cart

The golf course is fairly large and vast so it takes a relatively long time to walk from one area to another. Add the fact that he is carrying a bag full of golf clubs would mean that he would be tired out before he could even finish a round. Consequently, the lowered stamina could greatly affect his performance. What he could do is avail of the services of golf carts. These carts are used to transport the golf players along the golf courses. There are also carts specially made just for golf clubs and the golf bag, called hand carts.

Movable Cubicles are Perfect for those who Want to Renovate their Space

There are numerous ways movable cubicles can be used. Individuals who are renovating their homes find these containers quite useful as a temporary shelter for their old clothes, appliances, furniture and other belongings. Since these containers are portable, they can just place them in the backyard, the driveway, or an appropriate vacant spot while renovations are on their way. The best thing about this set up is that people can have access to their belongings anytime they are needed. These containers are made from heavy duty material. They are waterproof and wind-resistant. They come with dependable locks that ensure safety and offer peace of mind for their users.

Many homeowners have amassed loads of belongings over the years, some of these things they don’t have that much use for anymore. They only take up precious room inside of the house. One way to get rid of this type of inconvenience is to get some movable cubicles.

These containers can eliminate the clutter inside of the house. Those who are not prepared to get rid of some of their old things yet can put their belongings in storage for safe keeping. They can place the containers inside of the garage, or in the basement. This way, they still get to keep their belongings inside their property, but in a more organized fashion.

For hobbyists, gardeners, and arts and crafts enthusiasts, portable containers can be used as a supply room; a place to smartly organize tools, gadgets and equipment. They can set up their containers as a personal one stop shop. By doing so, they can just focus on their endeavors and don’t have to run around the house looking for misplaced items they need for their projects.

containersFor a lot of people, having limited living space is an issue. This is why they have to come up with creative ways to compartmentalize their living quarters. This is where movable cubicles can come in handy. A portable container can be transformed into a room by customizing the interiors. This can then be placed anywhere that is appropriate in the house; outdoors by the garden, or a vacant lot. They can also be made to look in a way that fits the aesthetic of the environment by using a bit of creativity.

The dimension of these containers can vary from 20-45 ft lengthwise. It’s approximately around 8.6 ft tall and 8 ft wide. In some locations, a permit is required for keeping a portable container within one’s property. It’s best to find out the requirements first before renting or purchasing a portable container.

Those who are planning to customize their portable container to meet their specifications will have to make a purchase. Making drastic modifications on a rented container is not permitted.

Different people have different ideas regarding how they will use their containers, so it’s a good thing that the option to buy or rent are both available. Delivery fees may apply upon purchasing or renting. Customers may ask the delivery personnel to place their containers at a spot of their own choosing.

The cost of getting a container varies depending on the size, as well as if it will be rented on a monthly basis or purchased. Interested individuals can contact the company that provides them to get the prices. An order may take a few days to be delivered. Customers might want to keep this in mind when they are planning their schedules; a service fee may apply.

Creative use of movable cubicles allows people to enhance their living conditions in a variety of ways. That’s why they are becoming a popular option for those who want to organize their belongings, as well as renovate their living space.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Chat

live Live chat is undoubtedly one of the best features that a website can have. It lets you interact with your visitors or customers without any hassle. It also helps you easily address any problems or difficulties that your customers may have. As a result, the customers will have a great experience while navigating your site and they will be motivated to come back next time.

Having a live chat feature of course provides a lot of advantages. It lets you provide more competent service, most especially compared to the traditional phone service or customer support. It is a lot more convenient—both on your and your customer’s part—to use the live chat because customers can just type their questions in the chat box and you can just type your answers as well. Moreover, you will most likely not run out of answers because you can simply ask someone like your colleagues if you do not know how to address your customers’ concerns. They will not even notice it.

Moreover, this chat system also helps you provide instant feedback or answers to your customers. When one customer asked something, he or she will not even have to wait for hours or even days just to get a response. You will instantly see his or her message and you in turn will be able to give your answer directly.

Compared to phone support where there is a chance that a customer will not be able to connect to you (such as in cases when you are on the line with another customer), live chat also lets your customer be connected to you without any problems. All they have to do is to log in to the chat and then type their message in the chat box and voila, they are already connected to you!

cumputers Having a chat system also lets you address more customers than usual. As mentioned earlier, the usual problem with phone support is that you will not be able to handle more customers at one time since your line will be busy as you are assisting one customer. Chat support, on the other hand, allows you to assist more than one customer since your chat box technically will not go “busy” even though you are addressing another customer. A lot of customers can be connected to you through the chat feature.

Having a chat system does not mean that you have to be online all the time, though. You can simply turn that chat off when you are away. When the chat is switched off, it will be a contact form, which means that your customers just have to leave a message and then wait for your response once you go online again.

visualHowever, there are still some disadvantages of having live chats. First of which is that some users may not like this feature, or that they don’t know how to use this in the first place. Most people nowadays know how to use phones, which means that there is always the tendency that some customers will still prefer contacting you through the phone instead of through chat.

There is also the possibility that some people will simply leave prank chats. You will most likely get not-so-serious—if not nasty—messages on your live chat, which in turn might hide other more important messages that you have to address. What you have to do though is to just block the person that does this oftentimes so that he or she will not be able to do this again.

And finally, your customers will most likely expect immediate response from you. Some think that once they send you the message through the chat box, they will automatically get an answer in a course of like a second. As a result, if you are unable to respond to them quickly, they will just feel disappointed and leave your site.