Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Chat

live Live chat is undoubtedly one of the best features that a website can have. It lets you interact with your visitors or customers without any hassle. It also helps you easily address any problems or difficulties that your customers may have. As a result, the customers will have a great experience while navigating your site and they will be motivated to come back next time.

Having a live chat feature of course provides a lot of advantages. It lets you provide more competent service, most especially compared to the traditional phone service or customer support. It is a lot more convenient—both on your and your customer’s part—to use the live chat because customers can just type their questions in the chat box and you can just type your answers as well. Moreover, you will most likely not run out of answers because you can simply ask someone like your colleagues if you do not know how to address your customers’ concerns. They will not even notice it.

Moreover, this chat system also helps you provide instant feedback or answers to your customers. When one customer asked something, he or she will not even have to wait for hours or even days just to get a response. You will instantly see his or her message and you in turn will be able to give your answer directly.

Compared to phone support where there is a chance that a customer will not be able to connect to you (such as in cases when you are on the line with another customer), live chat also lets your customer be connected to you without any problems. All they have to do is to log in to the chat and then type their message in the chat box and voila, they are already connected to you!

cumputers Having a chat system also lets you address more customers than usual. As mentioned earlier, the usual problem with phone support is that you will not be able to handle more customers at one time since your line will be busy as you are assisting one customer. Chat support, on the other hand, allows you to assist more than one customer since your chat box technically will not go “busy” even though you are addressing another customer. A lot of customers can be connected to you through the chat feature.

Having a chat system does not mean that you have to be online all the time, though. You can simply turn that chat off when you are away. When the chat is switched off, it will be a contact form, which means that your customers just have to leave a message and then wait for your response once you go online again.

visualHowever, there are still some disadvantages of having live chats. First of which is that some users may not like this feature, or that they don’t know how to use this in the first place. Most people nowadays know how to use phones, which means that there is always the tendency that some customers will still prefer contacting you through the phone instead of through chat.

There is also the possibility that some people will simply leave prank chats. You will most likely get not-so-serious—if not nasty—messages on your live chat, which in turn might hide other more important messages that you have to address. What you have to do though is to just block the person that does this oftentimes so that he or she will not be able to do this again.

And finally, your customers will most likely expect immediate response from you. Some think that once they send you the message through the chat box, they will automatically get an answer in a course of like a second. As a result, if you are unable to respond to them quickly, they will just feel disappointed and leave your site.